Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Yay Paddy!

Off to Sydney tomorrow for my launch. But a big thanks to novelist Paddy O'Reilly before I go. Paddy kindly had me as her guest on her ABC Ballarat spot with Dominic Brine.

Check out Paddy's website here. She's a superb storyteller and a new neighbour of mine. Ballarat, huh, what a town!

Now if you're looking for The Ghost Poetry Project head over to Readings. Carlton has already sold out of it (their 2 copies?) but it's on its way to other stores and you can always order it in. St Kilda store have me up on their "recommended reads" which is brilliant!

Or go to 'Orders' at the website of my publisher Puncher and Wattmann:

While you're there why not order Westering by Peter Kirkpatrick. He's doing the honours, launching my book in Sydney.

Okay freaks. The shout-outs are over for now. Hope to catch you all at a reading (either yours or mine) soon. Or else for a quiet beer.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad GPP is going so well. I took it to the coast with me recently on holiday and my hubby and I read ghostly poetry to each other!

nathan curnow said...

hey thanks simonne. that's really nice to hear. just home from the Sydney launch and I am reading again tonight. I'm SO glad people are enjoying it. all the best with your projects too. keep me posted. hope to catch around real soon