Thursday, August 27, 2009

Liner Notes/Sydney Launch

Well Liner Notes (Thriller) at the Melbourne Writers Festival last night was AMAZING (the best Liner Notes ever, perhaps the best MWF gig ever!) Major shoutouts to Rosemary Cameron, Steven Grimwade and the festival organisers for including it in the program. It's such a winning concept: pop culture/live music/spoken worders/comedians/novelists, all brought together to respond to a classic album. Sean M Whelan, you're not only a kick-arse poet but a big ideas man. Emilie Zoey Baker, you're a goddess of the stage and mic. Michael Nolan, you're SO super sharp I am in awe. You will all go down in legend!

So now I'm heading up to Sydney for the launch of The Ghost Poetry Project. Sept 5, 4-6pm at St Stephens church in Newtown. I'm looking forward to a relaxed avo gig there. No need to turns the lights out this time. Might even have a bit of a Q&A if we get a good turn out.

Then flying back home to Melbourne to read at Passionate Tongues for the Overload Poetry Festival with Cate Kennedy, Jennifer Compton and Miles Allinson, which is a really cool line up of established and emerging poets.

Check out Cate's new novel here:

Then I have some Ballarat readings, a reading in Portland and the Tassie Poetry Festival in Launceston which looks like fun. And then, after that, everything should be pretty cruisey.

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