Monday, September 21, 2009

Final Draft and Reeling and Writhing

Hey just a couple of new things out on The Ghost Poetry Project:

First, this interview from Benedict Taylor up at the Final Draft website of 2SER. But will it be enough for the good people at Gleebooks to get it in now on their shelves? hmm... we will see ;)

Check it out here:

And here we go... wow... my book's first official review by Genevieve Tucker here:

Plus if that's not enough head over to Famous Reporter for the launch speech that Kevin Brophy delivered at Old Melbourne Gaol:


Anonymous said...

hey - the murray bridge bunyip! i saw it for the first time when i was 26 and it was genuinely scary even then, as an adult. great soundscape.

jenjen said...

i am still waiting for your book to grace my postbox!

nathan can you email me your postal address?

jenjen at jenjen dot com dot au

Laurie Steed said...

Hey Nathan, Great to see you the other night. Ballarat beckons; keep me in the loop as to when you're next reading. Speak soon, Laurie

chris brown said...

Congratulations on such a postive response to your book Nathan. I enjoyed it too. Chris

chris brown said...
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