Sunday, April 19, 2009

Gaol pics

With thanks to photographers Julie Millowick, Julie Hough and the Castlemaine State Festival

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Zorro dog

Now don’t forget that Page Seventeen is currently open for submissions until June 30 so check the submission/competition guidelines carefully…

I am fortunate enough to be judging the poetry competition this year, so I’m looking forward to reading some strong poems.

Also, Express Media in partnership with the Emerging Writers Festival, is presenting a mini workshop series in May. I’ll be running a workshop on performance poetry, alongside Lisa Dempster (Independent Publishing) and Ben Eltham (pitching)

And make sure to check out Lisa Dempster’s site, Unwakeable. At moment you’ll find pictures of her little dog dressed as Zorro. Just without the mask.

Oh and I’m on a panel for the Emerging Writers Festival too…

Art vs. Craft?
One of our special Two Sides of the Coin debates where writers debate with themselves. Is it all about lyrical musings regardless of plot and structure, or can you put any old a pap down if the plot rocks? Obviously you need both…obviously. Obviously?

With Nathan Curnow, Kirk Marshall, & Elise Hurst
Hosted by Susan Hayes

12:30 Sunday the 31st of May
Yarra Room, Melbourne Town hall

The EWF program is being launched on the 23rd April.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Poetry Tough Talk

I’m after creative tough talk that incorporates poetry titles. Some examples, along with the author of the book…

If you don’t shut up I’m gonna kick you in the Magisterium!
(Joel Deane)

I’ll beat the Minorphysics out of you! (Paul Mitchell)

Meet my fists: Folly and Grief! (Jennifer Harrison)

That’s it, I’m going Atomic Ballet on you’re arse! (S K Kelen)

Let me serve you up some of my hot Kurri Kurri Book of the Dead! (Greg McLaren)

Ok. Time to bust out a little ManWolfMan (LK Holt)