Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Literary Minded

Check out this link for an interview with Sean M Whelan and myself... by the incomparable Angela Meyer


Friday, January 16, 2009

the book/the publisher... the relief

Just home from Sydney and my big news for 2009 is that The Ghost Poetry Project (working title) is being published later this year with Puncher & Wattman. That’s right, call it an exclusive. You heard it first here at Blog Eats Poet.


This is a big deal for me after terrifying myself at haunted sites and working so hard on the manuscript. David Musgrave and Greg McLaren are doing exciting stuff at P&W and I’m really happy to be with a publisher who values the importance of taking risks. So now I guess it’s time to organise a ‘reading tour’ for later on in the year. Some time from August. Full speed ahead.

While I was up in Sydney I also got to check out the first week of the Short and Sweet Play Festival at Newtown Theatre. My play Cable Car of Death was on among others by Tom Taylor and Bridgette Burton. A big thanks to the cast who did a great job: Lisa Fineberg as Kat, Matt Thomson as Ollie, Matt Zochling as Floyd and Johnny Cordukes as Harry Houdini. Check them out here.


Oh and i just finished devouring a book called The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. Such a beautiful tale. LOVED it!

"When someone wants a sheep, it is proof that they exist."

"As if, instead of stars, I'd given you a string of little laughing bells..."

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