Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Ghost Poetry Project

You can find/order a copy of my latest book through Readings, Collected Works, Gleebooks, Fullers Bookshop. In fact you can order it in through any book store in Australia. Also directly through my publisher. Hope you enjoy it.

Publisher: Puncher and Wattmann:
ISBN: 978-1-92145018-1
Distributor: Inbooks


Kim said...

as promised ordered book for my library today :o) lovely to meet u at Kevin's

Maxine said...

Any chance of a review copy of this Nathan? Would love to review it for the Overland blog.

nathan curnow said...

hey Maxine

I'll get Puncher and Wattmann to send one through to you at Overland. If it doesn't happen to show by all means let me know (it should/will). but keep in touch if not. hope you've recovered after Overload. cheers now