Monday, March 2, 2009


So here's a poem I didn't write but that was published with my name beneath it... in a literary hoax that I'm only just catching up on. How slow am I?

I guess this is the poetry equivalent of being 'punked'. But my main objection is that the hoax wasn't more creative... a computer came up with stuff and they just stuck names to it. So here is my first computer generated poem that i didn't even have to generate.


Right rights and left
A glass
A shore
A delay
A delay


Serenity written inside hardihood
A kind of champaign
High desires and
.sure places


derek said...

Progress = some of your best work.

profound, moving, but above all, experimental.

Wiggy said...

Make sure you get paid for this work.

nathan curnow said...

Hey derek and adrian...

adrian: was unsure about whether to blog about it or not. very mixed feelings about it all. were you "punked" too? i know derek was.

Miles Allinson said...

at last, he thinks, the system as taken up some of the heavy work.