Monday, February 2, 2009

Flash/Man's Head Exploding

Well I hope everyone has survived the heat. A few odds and ends for you to check out. Firstly, Flash, a UK journal has accepted one of my ghost poems… they like short short stories, up to 360 words. If it sounds like your kinda bag check it out here…

I also did an interview about my forthcoming book The Ghost Poetry Project on ABC NT last night with Melanie Tait… I’ll post the link here soon.

Now my favourite pic at the moment is by super poet and artist, Miles Allinson. This is from the postcard work he does, titled Man’s Head Exploding

Hope you liked my beach photos the other day. But the true photographer down here is Kirsten Jones. Check out these crazy-sick shots of Portland and stuff. I mean... unbelievable!!

Finally, thanks to my friend Kat Cameron who read my poem, Those Adamant Shapes, recently at the local poetry group. Apparently what followed was an argument between group members about my lack of attendance. Does that means they liked the poem? Hmmm….


derek said...

someone probably said 'i just don't get...any of it'

& then someone else might have aid 'if he were here, he could explain it...'

then someone else would have said 'we don't want him here anyway! he thinks he's too good for portland...'

nathan curnow said...

ha ha! and then..."I heard he won't even ride the Portland tram!"

LiteraryMinded said...

Wow I love that pic! You must check out Paris artist Matthew Rose. I think you might like him. He had an exhibition called 'The End of the World':

I like him, anyway :-) Hope you're well Nathan! Can't make it to Castlemaine but keep us posted on your launch details for sure.

nathan curnow said...

oh yeah, I love it A, thanks ... hope to catch you around EWF time! will look forward to it!