Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Poetry Thread


I hope you wanna check out this new thread of poems. From four exciting Aussie writers (and a new poem of mine at the end). I was chuffed just to be invited.


might see you at Castlemaine this weekend.


Anonymous said...

It's brilliant, your contribution and the collaboration overall. Great work, congratulations.

nathan curnow said...

hey thanks very much & for stopping by to say so. cheers

Adam said...

hey nathan,

some good, strong poems there. yours stands out to me. love the pissing on the feet and the octopi.

missed you in castlemaine. how'd the gaol gig go?

nathan curnow said...

hey adam,
thanks very much.

was driving an overheating car which meant I got into Castlemaine quite late. Gaol gig was awesome!!! will post about it soon. am still recovering from the whole trip. i'm getting old!

cheers mate. hope to catch you around.