Monday, March 16, 2009

Speedos & Silver Bullets

Just back from another weekend in Melbourne.

I spent Friday night drinking Silver Bullets with the Dream Technologist. Turns out that neither of us are Werewolves.

Saturday morning and I was swimming laps at Brunswick pool in tight Speedos. I know, I don’t know how that ended up happening either. I haven’t worn Speedos since I was ten! But I slipped them on and loved every second of it.

Then I went and had a coffee with my friend and shit-hot director, Greg Carroll. He said:

Yeah I’ve known a lot of poets. I’ve looked after them. They’re all dead now. ;)

Next was a recording session for Going Down Swinging at RRR. It was great to catch up with my Melbourne posse who helped me lay down my 8 min track. Sean was on the studio floor belting the crap out of Lisa's leather handbag at my feet. I guess you'll just have to hear it. They even gave me some fashion tips before I went off to a wedding. They said: Nathan, no bandana! Which turned out to be good advice.

The wedding went well and I finally met Joel Deane, poet, novelist and the Premier’s speech writer. Joel and I have been published in a number of journals together, including in the Best Aust Poems 08. So we had a chat about the difference between poetry and political rhetoric (in which I think I said some dumb things) then we covered Peter Garrett, community groups and the bizarre world of Doncaster Shoppingtown.

Check out his blog here.

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