Saturday, August 15, 2009

Flip Side (Thriller)

Well the Melbourne launch of The Ghost Poetry Project was INCREDIBLE! I am so lucky to have celebrated such a big chapter in my life with such friends, peers (and fans!) and in the city's dark heart: Old Melbourne Gaol. WOW! What a ride! The gaol was a spectacular venue and I got to tread the walkways, looking down on my audience as I performed, many of whom have played a major role in my development.

Check out a write up of the night at Angela Meyer's Literary Minded:

Check out pics at Sean M Whelan's:

And the night was made extra special by Kevin Brophy who said some very kind things to launch the book. Stay tune for his launch speech in Famous Reporter later on in the year. For now check out a poem of his here:

Now the Sydney launch: Saturday, Sept 5, St Stephens, Newtown 4-6pm.

But before then it's Melbourne Writers Festival time and I'll be doing a couple of gigs this year, including reading some ghost poems at the Festival Club for Wordplay on August 23rd.

Oh and then there is this small gig:


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the launch Nathan, it was pretty awesome! As is the book! I'm halfway through and loving it... and only a wee bit scared ;)

Miscellaneous-Mum said...

It was a great night. I hope to write up my thoughts sometime this week. I love the book, I keep dipping back into it.

nathan curnow said...

Hey Simonne and Karen: very sweet of you both to come. glad you're enjoying the book now. dip away.

jenjen said...

congrats nathan! wish i could have been there. i haven't got the book yet but am enjoying the quaint p&w online purchase process - print out this order form? adorable.

nathan curnow said...

Ta jen

It was a great launch. Went really well. And no one in a bunny suit turned up!

P&W have been working on a new site. Paypal coming real soon.