Monday, June 15, 2009

Surfer SA (stuff)

Okay. The Sydney dates for the launch of the The Ghost Poetry Project are now confirmed. So here are the full details again. My cover is coming soon (I promise).

Melbourne launch: Friday, Aug 14, 6-7:30 pm at Old Melb Gaol. Launched by Kevin Brophy.

Sydney launch: Saturday, Sept 5, 4-6 pm at St Stephens in Newtown. Launched by Peter Kirkpatrick.

I am SO chuffed to have Kevin Brophy and Peter Kirkpatrick doing the launch honours. Such support is truly humbling. Thanks guys!

Now I’ve just come home from performing at the Going Down Swinging launch up in Melbourne. It was a great night and had a top response to my work. The Sydney launch is tonight in fact, so I’m hoping it all goes well up there too.

While up in Melbourne I got to hang out with Daniel Ducrou. He's been a joy to meet. And a surfer from SA, wouldn't you know. We stayed up late workshopping titles for his forthcoming book with Text. So check out his link. He’s a cool dude.

And a big shout out to Steven Amsterdam whose book Things We Didn’t See Coming (Sleepers Publishing) I’ve just had the pleasure of reading. Thanks Steven. I mean, wow!

Finally check out the submission guidelines for Four W this year. It’s closing soon and Four W have launches planned for Sydney, Wagga and Melbourne. So chances are you’ll be able to take your mum along to one.

Stay tune now 'cause I’ll be posting the talk I did for the emerging Writers festival. The Art Vs Craft (bunny incident).



LiteraryMinded said...

Yay to all of these things!

Rue said...
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nathan curnow said...

Hey Ange...

and a big YAY to you! that's for continued awesomeness in services to literature.

Anonymous said...

So glad you're going to post your EWF talk! :)

If Kevin Brophy was launching my stuff I'd be SO very very proud! Congrats.

Maxine said...

Looking forward to the Melbourne launch.