Sunday, May 10, 2009

My jeans still hug me

So here's a few things you might be interested in getting along to.

I'm running a workshop for Express Media on Performance Poetry, which is really cool. I get to talk about my favourite tracks and discuss a form that's been good to me/interested me for a long time.

Then come and see if I'm up to scratch the following weekend at the Emerging Writers Festival. I'll be in a debate/panel session at the Melbourne Town Hall. One titled Art vs Craft.

Whether you're ready for it or not I'm planning to bust out some John Laws poetry on ya.

My jeans
still hug me
but i'd rather
you did

And then I get to perform for real at the upcoming launch of Going Down Swinging #28, June 10 Northcote Soical Club. These nights are always BIG. And I'll be going unplugged with the piece they commisioned me to do for last year's Melbourne Writers Festival. Static is one of my faves. So I can't wait for this one. More news on this soon.

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