Sunday, November 30, 2008

girly socks

Well as you can see I’m still mucking around with a new pic for my header. This one is from the Dining Hall of the Quarantine Station in Sydney. There are numerous ghost stories attached to it… including accounts of smells, like fresh roasting potatoes, or the little girl who appears in the kitchen downstairs with plaits and bubonic plague.

Now big thanks to Going Down Swinging who commissioned our spoken word show Static. Our last performance up in Bendigo was a blast. Met some lovely people including Tru Dowling and heard from local poets… Spring is a slut… won’t be forgetting that line for a while.

After that we retreated to our hotel room to eat pizza and watch Revenge of the Nerds. Alicia and Sean finally confronted me with the fact that I wear girly socks (a real breakthrough moment for us) then we laughed, drank, oh how we laughed some more, and then I crashed out first. The following morning was spent in the spa.

Ah, life on the road.

Desperate to get into the studio now to record the Static show. Hopefully you want to hear it…

And don’t forget the launch of GDS No. 27 at Northcote Social Club, 3rd December, 7.30pm. I’ve been lucky enough to have a squiz at it already and they say the spoken word cd is a knockout this year.

On Friday, 5th of December I’ll be up in Melbourne for the launch of the new and exciting, harvest magazine. 6pm to 9pm at the Order of Melbourne on Swanston Street. I'll be reading with superstar Geoff Lemon and major bud of mine, Paul Mitchell.

And I’m fine with girly socks. I try to wear em like a man.


John said...

Dear Girly Socks,

Sorry I missed your performance in Bendigo on Friday night. Thought I'd pass on some feedback from Ian Irvine - one of the local poets who read, but more importantly, my good friend and nextdoor neighbour.
He was waxing lyrical (how else would a poet wax?) the next morning about your performance in particular. Just thought you'd like to know.
And I hear we have a common friend (well, far from common, actually - an incredible woman) in Kylie Martens? She passed on your wishes this morning and I was doubly disappointed that I didn't get to meet you.
Ah well, another day, another poetry event perhaps. Been reading your ghost poems on various sites and really love'm. Makes a lot of sense to respond to the supernatural world in poetry.
I'm working on a collection at the moment with the working title, 'Love's No Way To Treat a Friend'. They are poems in response to Richard Brautigan the late, great American poet and novelist. My short stories became so short in the end that they morphed into poetry. If I keep going at this rate I will end up with hikyu and eventually disappear up my own arse. Well, I wouldn't be the first poet to do that!
Anyway, Nathan, congrats on what sounds like a great show. I hope to catch up with you one day.
Regards, John Holton

nathan curnow said...

hey John
great to hear from you! & like you say, there will always be another poetry event, so i'm sure we'll catch each other at some stage.

my short stories are super short too... can't write much more than 500 worders these days. but if you're writing poetry now then i better watch out!!! ;)

always loved that story in Snowdropping about the rubberbands/funeral!

so chuffed you dropped by mate. look forward to catching you soon. that's if we don't disappear up our arses first ;) occupational hazard!

Sean M Whelan said...

They weren't that girly.
Oh, but we did laugh!
good times.