Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Best Australian Poems 2008

I’ve just received my copies of The Best Australian Poems 2008 edited by Peter Rose. Can’t wait to get stuck into it. Poetry from Jaya Savige and Toby Davidson who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting recently. And from Sarah Holland-Batt and Fiona Wright… who I haven’t met, but the pleasure awaits. The book is launched on Nov 17 at 6.30 pm, Readings, Carlton.

Another launch (it must be the season)… is Four W with a launch in both Wagga Wagga and Sydney. I am so passionate these days about opportunities for regionally-based writers and Four W does a great job in selecting work from all around Australia while developing/supporting its local talent. Looking forward to reading pieces from Derek Motion, Belinda Campbell and Kelly Shaw.

Now it looks like none of you have decided to buy my house. Hmm… what if I said that koalas sit in the front tree and walk up and down the street? That’s serious wildlife… that’s value!

Aside from poetry and plays what I really dig is music. Gotta tell you about Kanye West’s latest one Love Lock Down, which is super cool as usual, and The Killers new album available in Australia Nov 22. Go to their site and hear the first single, Human. I’ve played it to death all ready. Plus I’ve been workin the cassette deck in my car lately… returned to Peter Gabriel’s So album… still good after all these years!


Tiggy Johnson said...

A cassette deck?!!? Sounds like it's the car you should be selling, not the house ;-)

Lucky you getting your Best Aust poems early...

derek said...

man, you're the best. no, you're like the best-of-the-best. hey maybe in a few years they'll bring out a 'best-of-the-best-of' anthology? if so you're sure to be in it. & then in a hundred years when they bring out a 'best-of-the-best-the-best-of' anthology, (selected by re-animated William Shakespeare - who will of course find himself forging a post-death career involving nothing but judging literary awards) you'll be in that too. i could go on.

mikemathew said...

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nathan curnow said...

hey all.

tiggy: i'm lovin the tape deck again. gotta go back to it. get out all those old cassettes.

derek: no, you are! if i was up in Wagga for Four W i'd throw a pie in your face... we've got do that clown fight one day... hmm... but at whose launch?

mike: 'the poet's now is found wherever attention is sharpest.' love it! i'll have to stop by...

javieth said...

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