Sunday, December 21, 2008

merry xmas

Merry Xmas you lot. Have a safe and happy one…

Well it’s been a big year for me. So many cool things have happened, not least my No Other Life But This getting a mention at Literary Minded as one of Angela Meyer’s top reads of 08. Crikey!

2009 will be kicking off with my Cable Car of Death on at the Short and Sweet Festival in Sydney. And I’ll have news on the launch date of The Ghost Poetry Project later in the new year.

oh and the new header picture is of the gaol gates on Norfolk Island... a fave of mine... think I'll keep it up for a while.

ciao for now & thanks for stopping by


lisa said...

And happy Festivus to you too!

nathan curnow said...

hey lisa... have a great one! put a cute xmas hat on that dog of yours

bean said...

again, im sorry but it jail!!
hope you've had a super happy christmas with minimal religious shenanigans!
your a good one.

nathan curnow said...


we've been thinking of ya over xmas. ours went well. glad you got home & so glad youre keepin in touch.

'gaol' is the olden day spelling for 'jail'. I guess it denotes the era/brutal prison system that they were based upon back then.

peace and love. skype us!

Sean M Whelan said...

loving that new header pic!
did you take that?

nathan curnow said...

hey bro... pretty happy with this one. a favourite pic and a favourite place. been lovin yr snaps lately too. lets catch up soon, or perhaps after Nth America, can't wait to hear all about it...