Wednesday, October 15, 2008

OzCo news & buy my house

Well the embargo is lifted and I can finally tell you that I’ve been awarded a Developing Writer's Grant from the Literature Board of the Australia Council. This means I am heading back to Port Arthur this year and writing a new play inspired by the stories of the Eaglehawk Neck Dog Chain. And I can’t begin to tell you what this means in terms of financial stability… it couldn’t have come at a better time!

Also check out my 'poem of the week' at the Australian Poetry Centre’s website… up until Monday.

And if you want to buy my house, check it out here…

More news coming soon on Ballarat Grammar’s production of my Cable Car of Death and Benalla Tafe’s production of Mystery in a Blimp.


LiteraryMinded said...

Congrats on the grant and your forthcoming publications - well-deserved Nath! And good luck selling the pad :-)

nathan curnow said...

hey ange
thanks! and I'm really enjoying your blog. it's become regular reading. hope to catch you soon.

Sean M Whelan said...

I've just been walking around your pad on How surreal! Nice digs. I didn't see you there though! Was hoping to catch you at the breakfast bar.

nathan curnow said...

spend most of my time at the other bar. in fact its time for a drink right now.

hit em up in Brisbane this week. looking forward to Nov 6th!