Thursday, July 17, 2008


Looking forward now to my residency at the Booranga Writers Centre which kicks off on the 28th of July until the 11th August. I’ve just done an interview with a journo from the Daily Advertiser in Wagga, which is good publicity for the reading and the workshops I’m running. Hope to meet lots of Waggarians. Or is it Waggarites?

And the Write around the Murray Festival will be fun in Albury. I’m doing a workshop on Performance Poetry at the Albury Library/Museum. See the link below…

My interview on ABC’s the Book Show must be coming up soon too. So tune in at 10am... you just might hear me yacking. They aired the interview with emerging writer Kate Mulvany the other day, so it won’t be long before I am on. I’ll post the link for you here soon…

Now before I fly out to Wagga I’ll be getting to the launch of the latest Blue Dog which is publishing my poem Anxiety. That will be at the Australian Poetry Centre at Glenfern, St Kilda on the 27th … so come along if you are in the area. It goes from 5:30 to 6:30pm.

Catch you later... I'm going for a bodyboard now in the rain cause I'm writing a poem about surfers/surfing. New writing territory for me. I'm lovin it.

Plus, Go Cadel!! Hold your nerve in those Alps.


Tiggy Johnson said...

Sounds like there's no time to stop. Have a blast in Wagga, and it might even be a little warmer there too.

nathan curnow said...

hey tiggy... like the riders in the Tour I do stop for nature breaks.

your book (Svetlana or Otherwise... for those who don't know)is getting a good read from our local library.

I'll have to spend some time with it up in Wagga methinks.


Tiggy Johnson said...

You mean you weren't the first to borrow it? ;-)

Hope you enjoy it, and yay for your library supporting independents and the short story.